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Frequently Asked Questions!

These questions are the ones that we see most often in our e-mail. By answering them here, we hope more people who ask these same questions but don't send an e-mail will benefit from the answers. Also take a look at ALF's 100 FAQ's on Liver Disease.

#1 Question is: Please send any info on the side affects of these medications: prednisone, imuran, actigall, mevacor, vicodin for longterm affects in the body. Currently taking them for autoimmune hepatitis. thank you

ANSWER: Try RxList - The Internet Drug Index. We can't individually send you information of this nature, but click on this hyper text link and you can find more than you want to know.

#2 Question is: I've been taking prednisone for 6 months and I'm ready to switch to Imuran. Can you give me advice?

ANSWER: No. Remember, I was on a maintenance level of prednisone for 7-8 years with normal liver function test results before I was switched to Imuran. Have patience and consult your doctor.

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