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R. 2
Athens Ala

Dear David. [David Dawson Terry, Sr.]

I have been thinking I would write you for some time but kept putting it off. So here goes. As far as I know about the Terry family tree, James Terry, [b. 1788 in Edgefield County, SC] my and your Great Grand Pa came to Alabama before the Civil War, quite a while from Virginia or North Carolina, I don't know which and he had a brother named Charles. They got separated, neither having much education, if any. So they lost touch with each other and Grand Pa said they never heard of his Uncle Charles.

James Terry had the following children and I think in the order named: Chapman, [Chapman Lee Terry, b. 08 July 1824, d. 22 October 1898] who was your Grand Pa; Thomas, you remember as Uncle Tom [Thomas Lafayette Terry b. November 1825]; Walker [Walker J. Terry, b. 1839]; Dock[??? John C. Terry, b. 1832]; Hamilton [James Hamilton Terry, b. November 1825] and Lafayette [Thomas Lafayette Terry b. November 1825], that were twins and called "Ham" and "Fit" for short. Also I think there were two or three girls [Catherine Rebecca Terry b. 1817, Mary M. Terry, b. 1830, Caroline K. Terry, b. 1835 and Eliza Jane Terry, b. 1837] I am not sure which, but I think one married a Gill [Mary M. Terry b. 1830, m. 24 October 1848 to William W. Gill in Limestone County, AL], who was Gardner Gills mother [James Gardner Gill b. 1854]. One married a man by the name of Decan and Allen Terry, [Allen Favor Terry, b. 28 June 1842, d. 19 March 1916] my Grand Pa was the youngest.

 They lived in Limestone County Alabama for some time and your Grand Pa [Chapman Lee Terry] married here, also Uncle Tom [Thomas Lafayette Terry b. November 1825]. The rest of the family moved to west Tennessee, to Hardin County, I think about the time my Grand Pa [Allen Favor Terry] was 8 or 9 years old. Then in about 1861 or 1862 he came to visit Uncle Chap and Uncle Tom. Being about 19 years old and the war had started, so while he was up here, he enlisted in the 35th Alabama Regiment. Returning in about two years to marry my Grandmother [Elizabeth Minerva Fudge, b. 19 August 1837, d. 09 November 1919, m. 1864], whom he had met before going to the front. She was a sister to Uncle Chap's first wife [actually his second, Martha Jane Fudge, b. 1824, d. 1861, m. 09 January 1846, His first wife was Martha Jane Greenhaw, b.23 September 1823, m. 02 January 1843, (child) Lodusha Terry, b. 1844], the mother of Preston Terry [Henry Preston Terry, b. 1850], Bill [William Tom Terry, b. 1846], Brice [Brice M. Terry, b. 1856], and Black Jim [James F. Terry, b. 1852]  as he was called to distinguish him from Uncle Tom's Jim [James C. Terry, b. 1862], that I think you can remember. Also they had a sister called Joe Ann [Lillian Joan Terry, b. 1848] that married a man by the name of Bell.

You are familiar with the Terrys that we both know that lived here when you left. My Grand Pa [Allen Favor Terry b. 28 June 1842, d. 19 March 1916, m. Elizabeth Minerva Fudge 1864, b. 19 August 1837, d. 09 November 1919] had two boys and two girls, Milton [Milton Solomon Favor Terry, b. 04 May 1865, d. 19 November 1940] and Isiah [George Isaiah Smith Terry, b. 01 June 1873, d. 28 February 1933], Sally [Sally Betty Ann Terry, b. 25 October 1867, d. 10 July 1885] and Frannie [Francis V. Terry, b. 10 August 1870, d. 30 July 1923]. Uncle Tom's [Thomas Lafayette Terry b. November 1825] Children were Rufus [Rufus R. Terry, b. 1858], James [James C. Terry, b. 1862], Josh [Joshua Terry, b. 1865] and Lafayette [Lafayette Terry, b. 1865], the last two were twins. [Also Henry H. Terry, b. 1864] Also he had a girl Lydia [Lydia A. Terry, b. 1854] that married James Laffington. All these are dead now. Also Uncle Pres., Jim and Bills folks all went to Texas before you all did.

All that I know about any of the other ones does not amount to much. Walker went to Texas, Dock raised a family in West Tennessee. Also the girls married and lived in west Tennessee. My brothers and sisters are all living except the one that died the year before your people left here. I have six brothers; Julian, myself, Fred, Ira, Stroud, Everett, Owen. Also I have one sister Jane. As for my family, I have four boys living, all married and all have children. The oldest boy has two daughters married and they have a daughter each. So you see what that does to me, a GREAT GRAND PA at 60 years young.

Well, if you ever read all this and want to know anything that I can tell you, I will be glad to do so. Tell the other boys to write me some time and if you or them ever visit Alabama look me up. Write and tell me any thing you can't make out and I will tell you what it is.

Well, write a long letter telling me all about your people that I know.

As ever your cousin,

J. A. Terry

P.S. I have lost your address so I am sending it to Ida's address.

 [Notes by David Da wson Terry III, b. 30 April 1943 in Greenville, Hunt County, Texas]

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